O‘ahu; The Spectacular Island of Hawaii

This past december, along with Valentin, I had the amazing opportunity to film a wedding in Oahu, Hawaii. Wedding teaser will be posted later, but for now you can see the footage we captured on our off days when we weren’t busy filming the wedding.

With December being a fairly slow month for us, we had a lot of time to research and plan out our trip. We were initially inspired by the guys at www.unrealhawaii.com and their wicked fun adventures all over the islands. You can visit their site to see just how cool they really are! Val and I wanted to see for ourselves the beauty and magnificence of Hawaii.

Once we flew in, we immediately jumped into our rented Jeep Wrangler and headed east on H3 towards East Oahu. It was already in the afternoon, so the sun was setting and the fog was slowly rolling in, but we still managed to see the Byodo-in Temple before we headed out to Kualoa Ranch to checkout the awesome ridges, and the filming locations of movies such as Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Pearl Harbor, and Fifty First Dates. From there we where also able to see Mokolili Island or Chinaman’s Hat. After the sun set we headed back to our condo to prepare for the next day.

Awaking at 4:30 a.m. the next day we headed out to Koko Head around Hanauma Bay, and past Nono`ula and `lhi`ihilauākea craters, down to the south side of Hanauma Bay. It was a really gruesome hike, considering we mistakenly brought along our Sachtler tripod. We stopped at the tip of the bay to record some footage, just north of the natural rock bridge at Pai`olu`olu` point. We were getting back to the Wrangler around noon and we passed plenty of other fellow adventurers, although I myself was wasted for the day with multiple blisters, we still managed to hike along Kamehame Ridge near Deadman’s Catwalk before calling it a day.
1Valentin filming the violent waves

2Waves crashing against the cliff along Hanauma Bay

9Valentin blending in with the tall grass near North Shore.


A day later, after the wedding, we decided to see if we could find any decent off road trails to have some fun with the wrangler. We headed up H2 around Mount Ka’ala to Ka`Ena Point past the Dillingham Airfield, unfortunately we only got a few hundred meters along the dirt path until an unexpected rainstorm began to create mudslides making it too dangerous to continue. My phone soon started to blow up with Emergency Flash Flood Alerts as we headed back to Honolulu.

3Taking a picture in the middle of a rainstorm that made it unsafe for us to continue 

Later that day after recouping and a quick shower, we made a dash for Halona Beach Cove where we were really hoping to find the Lava Tube Lookout, which we did, and it made the day. You can see the footage from that trip in the last few seconds of the video.

7Me, outside the opening of the “Lava Tube Lookout”

8Valentin & I standing in the mouth of the cave leading to the lookout

On our last day on the island we decided to relax, so we took a simple hike along the Mañana Trail down to Waimano Falls hoping to see some locals cliff jumping and what not, unfortunately none of the hikers we bumped into seemed to have any desire to do so! Heading back up the infamous “Cardiac Hill” I realized that the incline was relatively effortless compared to the steep ridges and climbs near Pai`olu`olu` point. To finish off the day on a good note we drove to Waimea Bay to do some swimming. Although it was in the off season, I found that the water was steep enough to cliff jump, especially if you timed the wave influx. Admittedly I only jumped down after a British traveler was brave enough to do so first.

My favorite part of the trip was later the same night when we drove back to Kualoa Regional Park to capture some foley of the ocean water. The moon was extremely bright and vibrant that night, and it lit up the Kualoa Ridge just beautifully. I decided to bump up my ISO to maximum and see what kind of images I would be able to produce. The images where high in noise, but the lighting created unique colors and shading, moonlight photography is a lot of fun, especially when you are sleep deprived, jacked up on red bull, and begin to see the Loch Ness monster lurking in the ocean. All the following images were shoot at 12800 ISO and around 1/8 shutter. 4


6Playing around with iPhone flashlight and moonlight photography